A DETERMINED Flintshire headteacher fought successfully to keep her school open.

Taliesin Junior School in Shotton was the only school across Flintshire to remain open yesterday.

Head Helen Hughes told the Leader: “I didn’t realise that we were the only one, but that is great news.

“We have got a lot of snow here like everyone else, but staff have all worked really hard to get in.

“We are doing a full day because now we are here, we might as well stick it out. It is business as usual for us.”

Only 35 of the 130 pupils managed to make it to the school in King George Street, but 15 of the 22 staff braved the treacherous road conditions to get to work.

Ms Hughes said she was hoping to keep the school open for the rest of the week.

She added: “Unless the weather really deteriorates then we will remain open.

"It all depends on how many staff I can get in, but if we have got enough staff to remain safely open then we will stay open. I’m really hoping to stay open as long as possible.”

Ms Hughes said the pupils who had made it into school were eager to get outside and play in the snow.

She added: “They are all desperate to get out and play in it, so I have said that at the end of the day we can go outside and have a snowman-building competition.”

Do you think Ms Hughes was right to keep the school open?

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