DOZENS of motorists were forced to abandon their cars on Flint Mountain.

There were massive tailbacks along Northop Road on Tuesday as commuters struggled to navigate their vehicles through the snow and ice.

It caused queues stretching back as far as Mold and affecting traffic joining the A55 at Northop.

Many drivers were forced to leave their cars at the side of the road and walk the rest of their journey home.

Craig Fitzpatrick, who works at the nearby Coach and Horses pub, said the abandoned cars were still there on Wednesday.

He said: “If you go to the top of Flint Mountain it is like a car graveyard and they are still there now.

“I live in Sychdyn and I couldn’t make it in to work and it took my mum four hours just to get from Flint to Sychdyn.”

Motorists were forced to tackle the steep hill in Flint Mountain one at a time as it had become caked in ice and snow.

Despite the hazardous conditions there were no reports of accidents on the treacherous stretch of road.

Craig said: “I went for a walk to see all the chaos and fortunately there were no near misses or anything.”

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