RESIDENTS in one Flintshire town can sleep more soundly at night after police increased patrols in the area.

North Wales Police have moved more officers into Holywell in a bid to make members of the public feel safer in their communities.

North Flintshire Inspector Dave Roome said: “All the response officers who were based in Flint have been put back in Holywell so they are closer to the incidents and hopefully it will make people feel safer.

“The Neighbourhood Policing Team officers were already working from Holywell, but there were no response officers. We now have 24-hour cover.”

Officers said it was too early to say whether the move was successful, but were confident it would lead to a reduction in crime.

Insp Roome added: “It is early days yet, but I am pretty confident that we can build on the reductions we are already seeing.

“The most important indicator for me is not the crime figures it’s the feedback from people, local councillors and town councils.”