PARENTS have been warned after reports a man has been trying to lure schoolchildren into his car.

The Leader understands a man is alleged to have been encouraging children in Connah’s Quay to get into his vehicle.

The first incident is understood to have taken place at the Red Hall precinct involving a Connah’s Quay High School pupil as they were making their way home from school. A second incident is thought to have taken place one day last week outside the school.

Parents have now demanded more information about the reports after the school sent out a letter  warning of the dangers posed to children talking to strangers.

It is believed the first incident took place on Friday, March 5.

Letters headed “Stranger Danger” were sent out on Friday and encouraged parents to warn their children about talking to strangers.

One angry parent who has a daughter at the school told the Leader: “My concern is about the lack of detail regarding these incidents.

"I know they are frightened of scaremongering, but this is real, these incidents have happened and to receive a warning letter a week later concerns me greatly.

“Touch wood nothing serious has happened but parents need to know what’s going on now, not when it’s too late.

“The letter was a general stranger danger warning but there’s no detail of the incidents. It’s only because I know what has happened that I know what it relates to.

“Hundreds of children walk home from school and their parents have a right to know if their children are in danger.”

Flintshire Council confirmed it had received a report of one incident.

A council spokesman, commenting on behalf of the school, said: “The police made the high school aware of an incident in its vicinity and the school felt it appropriate, with the support of the police, to inform parents of the incident and to remind pupils of the dangers of talking to strangers.”