THE expansion of a business park could create dozens of jobs.

Hawarden Business Park on Manor Lane will be extended by 18 hectares to pave the way for new companies and community leaders said it would be a welcome boost, in particular to the aerospace industry.

Broughton North East councillor Billy Mullin said: “We can’t say how many jobs there will be at this time. There will be construction jobs first of all then we will fill the units.
“It’s a great project. Now it’s down to marketing it to attract businesses into the area.”

Cllr Mullin said the new businesses were likely to be associated with other major businesses in Hawarden and nearby, including Airbus in Broughton.

He added: “One of the biggest cost to companies is transport but if they are where they need to be that cost will be driven down.”

Cllr Mullin could not say when construction work would start.

The development was given backing at a planning meeting at County Hall despite concerns by Welsh Water that it could overload the local sewerage system.

Saltney councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun, a member of Envirowatch, welcomed the development on the condition that a footpath be created nearby.

He said: “It will be in an area between Wood Lane and the business park and I’ll be putting a claim in with the council to make it a public right of way.

“There are lots of badger setts in that area too so we must be careful to preserve them.”