POLICE say they are delighted with information they are getting from the Wrexham public to help them in the fight against crime.

Officers executed three warrants in the Caia Park area of the town on Monday and said there were positive results at each address.

PC Lee Parker said as a result of the first two raids, which were carried out at Y Wern and Gwenfro, two people were arrested for burglary and one person cautioned for drug possession.

Two people have also been evicted from an address and the premises closed by housing officials.

A third warrant was carried out later in the day and what is described as being a substantial amount of cannabis was recovered.

A man has been charged with supply of Class B drugs, possession with intent to supply Class B drugs and cultivation of cannabis.

Insp Alex Goss stressed that information which officers were receiving from members of the public was proving vital to the police in their operations.

In the last few weeks a number of warrants have been executed throughout Wrexham as part of Operation Charlie, aimed at combating drugs in the town and the handling of stolen goods.

“This is an ongoing initiative. People have the confidence to pass on information to us. We have their trust. We assess the details and act accordingly,” said Insp Goss.

“The support we are receiving from the community is of great importance to us in carrying out our duties.”