RAW sewage has been seeping on to a Flintshire school field.

Neighbours in Pen-y-Maes, close to Holywell High School, have reported a sewage leak at the back of their homes, which back on to the school field.

Arthur Inskip, of Nant-y-Coed, says there has been a problem for the past 12 months.

He told the Leader: “My house backs onto the school field and the sewer chamber is overflowing onto the field. If it gets any worse it will be coming into my garden.

“The smell is terrible. In the summer we can’t even go outside in our garden because of the stench and everyone that walks past complains of the smell.

Fortunately, we have double glazing, but in the summer we can’t even open our windows.”

The father of three, 47, said he fears for the safety of the school children and passersby.

He added: “Everyone who walks past with their dogs tries to keep them away because of the stink. I’m concerned about the kids playing on the school field because it could carry all sorts of germs.”

Mr Inskip, who works as a drain engineer, said he has contacted Welsh Water on several occasions, but to no avail.

He added: “I have warned them that if it starts coming into my property I will take legal action, but it’s fallen on deaf ears.”

Holywell High School has said it is investigating the problem.

A spokesman from Welsh Water said the leak has occurred due to a blockage in the drain.

He said: “We recently attended an incident of wastewater flooding at Holywell High School playing fields. Our investigations have shown that this incident was due to a blockage in the wastewater network caused by non-biodegradable items being flushed away.

“We urge people to help protect the environment and safeguard their own homes by not putting the wrong things down the toilet.”