POLITICIANS must ‘claw back respect’ from the public following the expenses scandal, say Flintshire’s MPs. 

The findings of an audit by Sir Thomas Legg, the man charged with scrutinising the expenses claims of every MP, were released yesterday.

Although Flintshire’s two MPs have emerged from the audit relatively unscathed, they agree politicians must work hard to win back the support of constituents. 

As the Leader reported earlier this year, Delyn MP David Hanson will not be asked to make any repayments. 

Mr Hanson said: "My expenses have been scrutinised thoroughly and I have not been asked to make any repayments. Sir Thomas has reported to the Members Estimates Committee that there are no issues with the claims that I have made. 

"I have been clear throughout that although I have claimed everything within the rules the system that was in place needed to be reformed in a clear and decisive way. 

"The rules on expenses have now been changed and I hope all MPs will work to regain public confidence in politics."

 Issues raised with Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami’s claims were related to his mortgage interest repayments and a fridge freezer and dishwasher. 

Mr Tami said: “The interest rate on my mortgage had changed and I had already raised this issue. 

“The fridge freezer and dishwasher were not within the claim limits, but I have already paid back £3,000 and have not been asked to pay any more.” 

He added: “This whole process has obviously been very damaging.  We need to draw a line under it and move on and try to claw back respect from the public.”