A WREXHAM toddler born with numerous heart problems will have a life-saving heart reconstruction in two weeks time.

Little Elodie-Mae Davies, aged three-and-a-half, was born with numerous heart defects which mean she cannot run and jump around and gets breathless when she has to walk.

Owing to circulation problems the tot also has a pale colouring, is often cold and starts coughing if she walks too much.

Elodie-Mae’s little brother, Cade Pritchard, who is just five months old, also suffers with a small heart defect but it is not as serious as his sister.

Mum Jenna Davies, of Bryn Terrace, Ruabon, herself suffers from minor heart problems and said: “The doctors had never seen it before when Elodie-Mae was born.

“She was born with her heart on the wrong side and had to have an operation at four weeks old.”

Elodie-Mae, who attends St Mary’s Primary School school in Ruabon, makes a weekly journey to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool to keep a check on her condition.

The operation in two weeks time is to reconstruct some of her heart’s arteries to help them grow properly in future.

Her mum fears that she may have to undergo a major operation every two years until the veins have grown as they should.

Little Cade may need an operation in three months’ time because they are concerned his condition could cause his body to turn blue.

Jenna, 22, said that they will continually assess Cade to see when he needs the operation.

Speaking about the operation for Elodie-Mae, Jenna said: “She really does need it, it is essential to her life.

“They can’t correct the heart because it is too risky but they want to make sure the veins grow properly.

“She has never been able to run and jump, and probably never will, but the operation should improve her quality of life.

“It should help the blood flow but she will still get breathless.”

Despite this Jenna said that Elodie-Mae is still “a normal little girl” and loves playing with her dolls and toys but she cannot do anything sporty.

Jenna’s uncle’s father Douglas Kendrick, known as Dougie, died in January at the age of 89.

More than £350 was raised at the funeral for Alder Hey because Dougie was close to the youngsters and knew Elodie-Mae attended there regularly for check-ups.

Dougie’s son Andrew Kendrick, of Albert Grove, Ruabon, said: “My dad would have wanted the money to go to Alder Hey.”

Having had the experience myself of seeing the children with the condition it is going to a worthwhile place.”