WREXHAM’S oldest resident has been put into storage while the town’s museum undergoes a £950,000 renovation.

The Bronze Age remains of Brymbo Man – named after the village where he was discovered in 1958 – have been boxed ready for work to get under way.

Brymbo Man, thought to be 3,500 years old, will later be displayed in a new glass case.

The museum received the grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and it is hoped work will take about nine months.

John Gammond hopes Brymbo Man's new display would be a lot better.
Work on the Grade-II listed building will include a glass extension and an education room.

The museum houses about 6,000 artefacts but due to limited space only two per cent of its collection is on display. Among the most popular exhibits are the remains of Brymbo Man, which is considered one of Wales’ most important archaeological finds.

A team from Manchester University reconstructed his skull and face to illustrate how he might have looked.

It was concluded that he stood 5ft 7ins (152cm) tall, was about 40 years of age and was right-handed.

He has been exhibited in a wooden “cist”, which includes the original stone burial chamber he was found in.

The stones were individually numbered by archaeologists when he was unearthed, to allow accurate reconstruction.

His remains have now been put into a box and will remain in storage until his new home is complete.

Exhibitions officer, John Gammond, said: “We’re trying to keep it as close as possible to when he was found in the ground in Brymbo. We’ve also taken lots of pictures.

“He’s going to have a new display, with more glass involved.”