A MOTHER in Wrexham says she has been subjected to online abuse after campaigning against a group which is putting jokes about dead babies on a social networking site.

The Leader has been highlighting the growing anger over the Facebook group, which has more than 2,000 members.

Vicki Archer from Brymbo, who lost a baby through a miscarriage five years ago, was so sickened she set up her own protest Facebook group which attracted 600 members within just a few hours.

But now her group has itself been inundated with dead baby jokes and pictures.
She told the Leader: “I was removed as administrator and now the group has been over-run by dead baby jokes.

“It’s made me ill and I really wish something could be done.

“I’m even getting horrible inbox messages on Facebook off these sick people.

“I’m at the end of my tether and really don’t know where to turn for help.”

The online version of the Leader’s story about Vicki has attracted a large number of comments from readers.

One, named Lisa, said: “I have buried a son and a daughter in the last two years – is that funny?

“To have them die in my arms, to have to dress their still, cold bodies, to let them spend the night before the funeral in their nursery – a coffin in a cot? Some people disgust me.”

But while many are against the group, a significant number say its removal would amount to a breach of free speech. And our question “Should Facebook remove the dead baby jokes group?” has so far seen a majority saying “no”.

Last week, North Wales AM Eleanor Burnham branded the group as “sick and disgusting” and pledged to raise the matter directly with Ofcom, the communications industry watchdog.

She has now done this but said: “I spoke to Rhodri Williams of Ofcom.

“It’s his firm opinion that this is a matter for Facebook and that they should be contacted and told about the group.”