A CENTRE for homeless cats in Wrexham is appealing for people to adopt a new pet so that room is created for more strays to be brought in from the freezing weather.

Workers at the Cats Protection Adoption Centre in Wrexham say they are feeling the pressure of trying to bring in as many strays as possible during the cold weather.

Centre manager Lynn Gay said: “A stray cat living outdoors and fending for itself is always of concern, but with the recent spell of freezing temperatures we are especially worried about homeless cats and kittens trying to survive without shelter and warmth.

“Sadly, there is a limit to the number of cats that can be housed in our adoption centre or with our foster carers. In order for us to rescue more stray cats from the freezing conditions we need to home the cats that are already in our care.

“We are hoping that by featuring some of our long-term residents, it will encourage cat-lovers to visit our centre and adopt a cat therefore enabling us to provide pens for the neediest of cats during these harsh winter conditions.”

Lynn went on to give details of some of the long term residents at the adoption centre.

She said: “Three-year-old Stig was found over Christmas in the freezing cold having been dumped in a cardboard box at a local vet. It is a mystery why he was dumped as he is such a charming cat.

“Cork’s elderly owner sadly died and coming into a busy adoption centre has been an ordeal for this gentle 10-year-old. She’s quite timid at first, but give her some quiet one-to-one time and she’ll soon become a loyal companion.

“Austin and Corsa are just six-months-old. These brothers are the best of friends and it would be lovely to see them homed together.

“Young Major Tom was found roaming the streets. He’s a very sociable cat and enjoys human company.

“Your lap won’t be free for long with Major Tom around; as soon as you sit down he’ll be there making himself comfy.

“Handsome Spike is a very friendly affectionate nine-year-old. He adores being tickled on his tummy and the more attention you give him the more he drools.

“Spike would be an ideal cat for a family with older children.”

The adoption centre on Madeira Hill is open for visitors seven days a week from 11am to 3pm. For details phone 01978 313574.