A MOTORIST has condemned the state of some of Wrexham’s roads after having to spend £75 on repairs to his car.

Sean O’Brien, from Washington Drive, Ewloe, has had the windscreen replaced on his Peugeot 207 due to severe stone damage caused by potholes.

Mr O’Brien, who works at Tetra Pak, said the incident happened on Cefn Road close to the Five Fords treatment works.

He said: “I was on my way to work when a Transit van drove past at a normal speed. It threw up a stone.

“There was a loud bang. Straight away I saw a chip and cracks in my windscreen that were bigger than a £2 coin.

“By the time it was replaced a few days later the damage was more than two foot across because of the heat and cold.

“I was told by the windscreen company staff doing the replacement job that this was about the fifth vehicle they knew of which had suffered a broken windscreen caused by stones on that stretch of road.

“It is one of the busiest routes going into the Wrexham industrial estate and is in a terrible condition, the worst I have seen for a very long time.

“I have been using it for more than 20 years to get to work. “Most of the replacement cost was covered by insurance, but I still had to pay £75 excess myself which is a lot of money.”

In response to the concerns raised by Mr O’Brien, John Bradbury, Wrexham Council’s chief environment officer, said the authority was looking into the issue of tarmac surfaces on the county’s roads.

He added: “We are currently assessing the extent of pothole damage to our road network. Pride in Your Street co-ordinators have been asked to identify problems in their area and report back.

“We will be fixing surfaces with temporary measures over the coming weeks. We will be seeking to make more permanent repairs once the weather improves and the threat of snow and ice is gone for this year.”

Mr Bradbury added that at the moment the full extent of the problem was not clear so it was not possible to put a figure on road repairs for the future.