WREXHAM’S property market is finally on the up, according to the town’s estate agents.

Property professionals say the town and surrounding villages are seeing the beginnings of a boom, in a turnaround from 2008 when Wrexham suffered the biggest property price drop in the whole of England and Wales.

The situation is now much changed, according to Anne Clarke, director at Whitegates on King Street, Wrexham.

She said: “I am almost feeling exhausted with the number of valuations that we have been doing. We also have viewers and people making offers.

“There is a lot more confidence returning to the market. We have been viewing properties from pretty much right across the range – £80,000 through to £450,000.

“People are still looking for bargain buys but they are fast disappearing. However, there is very good value for money out there.”

The number of houses being built in Wrexham has increased by more than 200 per cent from October to December, 2009 compared to the same period in 2008, according to the latest figures from the National House Building Council (NHBC).

Mrs Clarke said the signs were that the strengthening in the market would grow stronger as the weeks progress and winter gives way to spring.

She said: “December is always slow traditionally but since the end of Christmas people seem to have been liked coiled springs.”

Matt Quick, sales negotiator for Town and Country estate agents in Wrexham, said he had also noticed a significant improvement.

He said: “It’s definitely improved... it’s getting there slowly. We have had more viewings in general.

“If things continue as they are it will be positive.

“It was quieter at Christmas as it always is but things are steadily getting better.”

A total of 67 properties were registered in Wrexham between October and December compared to just 21 for the same period the year before.

Peter Watton, NHBC director for Wales, said: “While the industry still has some way to go before reaching a period of recovery, it is encouraging to see that the feeling of cautious optimism in the industry is being supported by these figures.

“There is no question that 2009 was a tough year. However, now that registrations are starting to increase, house builders need the government’s support to ensure the steady improvement we have seen in Wales continues to extend into 2010.

“Once the industry is able to match demand again we will be able to gain a clearer picture of whether house building targets will be met in the coming years.”

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