A WREXHAM man who pleaded guilty to sending a racially abusive text message will be sentenced next month.

Declan Generohe, 20, of Llys David Lord, Wrexham, pleaded guilty to a charge of sending the message from his mother’s phone to a woman on November 27.

Rhian Jackson, prosecuting, told Wrexham magistrates: “The woman states she received the text from the defendant’s mother’s phone which said ‘I hope you are happy with yourself you horrible **** *****’.

“She assumed the defendant had fallen out with his girlfriend and taken his anger out on her. She was horrified and could not believe the defendant was being racist.”

Generohe also admitted damaging a chair belonging to his mother, causing £115 worth of damage, on December 9.

Euros Jones, defending, said: “He is devastated that he has sent this text message.

He fully regrets it now.

“In relation to the second charge, his mother and he were having an argument and he took his anger out on a piece of furniture.”

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence review on February 19. Generohe was bailed with a condition that he does not contact the woman.