MOUNDS of rotting rubbish continue to pile up on housing estates in parts of Flintshire.

Yesterday the Leader reported how bins had not been emptied in some parts of the county since before Christmas and residents in parts of Flint say they have not had a collection for almost six weeks.

Disabled couple Chris and Pauline Woods, from Cae Hir, said their estate had been neglected, despite the fact that neighbouring routes were collected.

Mr Woods, 62, said: “They just seem to have forgotten us. On Friday we saw them collecting from another street less than 100 yards away, but then they just disappeared.

“My wife and I are both disabled. She walks on a frame so we can’t keep taking the waste in and out.”

Mr Woods said the piles of rubbish are now more that four bin bags high and cover an area the size of a garage.

He added: “It is piled up all the way down the street. It’s just ridiculous. The cats and dogs are now starting to get into it because obviously there’s food waste in there from Christmas and it’s getting to be a bit of an eyesore.”

Residents in Tudor Avenue have claimed binmen only collected rubbish on the pavements and not in their driveways.

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said the bins at Cae Hir were due to be collected today.