A PUB manager and his young wife are facing an uncertain future after they lost their Flintshire home.

Zac Newell, 26, and his wife Victoria, 19, live in and run The Tavern pub and restaurant in Alltami.

However, Zac has been dismissed by pub owners Anycastle Ltd, leaving the couple unsure what the future may hold for them.

“We’ve been running the pub for over two years now,” said Victoria.

“We had a rough idea that they were going to dismiss us. The owner, Terry, has been having meetings with us for a couple of weeks to see how the business is going.

“They dismissed my husband as manager and we have been told we need to leave the premises immediately. We have got two babies and nowhere to live.”

The couple, who have two daughters, 18-month-old, Olivia Paige, and 21-week-old, Charlotte Jayne, now face a hunt for a new home.

Victoria said: “We have started packing and will put all of our stuff into storage while we look for a new home.

“Zac’s family already have five people living there and my mum has four at hers so we can’t go there. We will have to find somewhere to rent.”

She added: “I’m just so upset.”

Terry Howlett of Anycastle Ltd, which owns the pub, told the  Leader: “Zac was the restaurant manager and his accomodation came with the job.

"He has not been evicted and he will soon find another job.

“It’s an employment issue. He was employed with us but he is not any more. He is vacating the premises but he is not being thrown out on the streets.”