AN INCREASE in police patrols across North Flintshire has led to a reduction in crime, according to senior officers.

North Flintshire Inspector Dave Roome said crime levels have been falling since December with just 26 incidents recorded in the past seven days.

He said: “We have had quite a quiet week and the numbers of recorded crimes, as we have seen through December, are staying quite low which we are pleased with.

“The low level of violent crime is particularly pleasing. There have been some instances of public order, but we are not seeing serious assaults or anything like that which is crucial.”

Officers have been striving to increase police presence on the streets, which they feel has led to the drop.

Sgt John Williams said: “We have changed a number of officers’ shifts and that has meant we have had extra officers out and we are keen to get more officers out on foot.

“If we do have a good police presence it does cut crime levels along with early intervention, which is very important as it stops things escalating.”

North Wales Police have launched an online project, Balance Your Bobbies, in a bid to find out what members of the public would like their force to improve on.

In North Flintshire 40 per cent of residents voted for an increased police presence on the streets.