A MAN whose car was hit by another motorist in Flintshire has blasted blasted the driver, who fled the scene without leaving his details.

Gareth Williams had parked his red Ford Transit van at a farm on Drury Lane in Buckley when a motorist lost control of his vehicle on last week’s ice and swerved into the farm yard before smashing into the parked van and driving off.

The incident happened at about 1.30pm on Wednesday.

No-one was hurt in the collision but Mr Williams said there are often a lot of children in the yard.

He said: “If it had happened just a bit later or a bit earlier there would have been young kids around with their horses.

“He’s obviously come round the corner and lost control of the vehicle and rather than hit the wall he’s gone straight through the farm gate. Then he just backed up and left. He could have left me a note.”

Mr Williams is now facing a repair bill of up to £1,000.

He added: “The front light and the bonnet are all smashed in, but that’s not the point, it’s the fact that he’s done a runner and at any other time someone could have been killed.”

An eyewitness saw a grey Landrover type vehicle leaving the scene, but was unable to get a registration number.

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed they were aware of the incident and were looking in to it.