MARKET traders in Wrexham have stepped up their push for public support after a crunch meeting.

More than 40 traders met council officials to discuss the future of Wrexham’s three historic markets – the Butcher’s Market, the People’s Market and the General Market.

A Wrexham Markets spokesman said it was more important than ever to make the markets known, especially if Wrexham made a second bid for city status.

He said: “We still need the public to support us, especially if we are going for city status.

“Every city has markets and we need to push ours to the front and make it our shining jewel.”

Trade is still uncertain for the workers but a recent leaflet promotion has helped to raise more awareness of the markets.

Speaking about the meeting, the spokesman added: “Having that many traders in the room was an achievement in itself.

“We offer our thanks to the council for the meeting.”

He said a number of long-term proposals were put forward but that traders still needed help in the short term.

“If there are any individuals or local entities that can help in any way that would be a great help,” he said.

“We have had a few members of the public asking if the markets are still open – and we are.

“There have been about four stalls which have left since Christmas so we need the public to help us by shopping here.”

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