SOME pensioners in Flintshire have not left their homes for a week because of the bitterly cold weather.

Residents of Llwyd Aled sheltered housing in Holywell are now calling for the complex to be cleared of deep snow so they can go to the shops and do their laundry.

Concerned resident Ronnie Lambert, 85, is one of the lucky few who have made it outside this week, thanks to his electric scooter.

“There are some people living here who are 80 and 90 years old,” he said.

“If they haven’t got family to help them out, they’re on their own.

“Some people haven’t been able to leave their homes at all. I get about on a scooter and I’ve been having a job myself because I’ve been slipping on the roads.

“The residents have not been able to leave flats to go shopping or down to the launderette because of the deep snow which is covering the path.”

He added: “There has been no way the council has been to clear the pathway, although they were contacted.

“Cllr Peter Curtis did come and look at the situation, and he contacted the council but nothing has been done.

“We appreciate that they have got to keep the main roads open for deliveries to the shops and people going to work but I think looking after the elderly should take some precedence.”

Cllr Curtis, who lives in Holywell, visited the complex over the weekend after calls from residents.

He said: “I have been on to the council about the conditions of sheltered accomodation.

“The council are under instruction just to do the main highways but these places have to be done.

“To get to the launderette you have to go down some steps but if the steps aren't clear it is dangerous.

“These complexes are a lovely design but they weren’t built with any thought with how pensioners are going to get around. They have not thought about how pensioners will get from A to B.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “We are aware of the difficulties people face getting around sheltered schemes and in and out of their homes.

Starting today, footpaths in schemes will be treated with limestone grit to improve their safety.

“Residents must note that this grit will not melt the snow and ice, but will improve ‘grip’.

“People should be very careful when walking on paths treated in this way.”