CONTROVERSIAL plans to create a permanent travellers’ camp in Flintshire are back on the table, despite being thrown out by council planners a year ago.

A group of travellers who own land off Bagillt Road, Holywell, known as Dollar Park, applied for retrospective permission for the site to be made into a permanent living area in January last year.

But their application was rejected by Flintshire Council and a Welsh Assembly planning inspector, due to concerns about increased traffic and health and safety laws.

A fresh application has now been made to the council, despite the fact the occupants were ordered to clear the site completely by February 25 this year.

The new plan seeks permission for a change of use of the land to a residential caravan site for six families, each with two caravans and six amenity buildings.

Cllr Robin Baker, whose Holywell east ward contains Dollar Park, said: “From what I have seen so far this application is not very much different to the last one, which was rejected.

"I can’t see any significant differences and I cannot see the justification for it.

“The previous application was taken to appeal and was subject to a five-day public inquiry. My concern is that a great deal of public money is going to spent processing this one.

“It cost thousands of pounds last time and I just hope we do not have to go through that again and I will be registering my observations in due course.”

Observations regarding the application must be sent to Flintshire Council’s planning department by January 28.