A WREXHAM man who has been out of work for months says his experiences show the consequences of the recession.

Dave Archer, of Watery Road, said he is in desperate need of a chance but is finding it hard to find work.

Mr Archer said his situation was a sign of the times in the county borough, which has seen a number of high-profile closures and layoffs in recent months.

Last month the Air Products plant in Acrefair closed down and major employers suich as JCB have been among those who have let people go as they bid to weather the economic storm.

Mr Archer said: “The last permanent full-time job I had was back in May, but I was laid off from that.

"Since then I have been trying to get work. I have signed on with agencies and I don’t mind if the job is temporary.

“The employment situation in Wrexham is very bad. With the downturn in the economy the chances of getting a job makes it very difficult. I speak to a lot of people and work is hard to come by.”

Mr Archer, 42, said: “I’ve done quite a lot and am willing to turn my hand to just about anything that is offered. I don’t mind travelling outside of the area and I am very flexible. Anything from just a short stint to something permanent.

“I don’t like not having a job to go to. It is important for me that I keep busy, bring in money and work hard.”

Anyone who may have an opening available and would like to contact Mr Archer can telephone him on 07982070623.

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