AMBITIOUS plans for a new bypass in Flintshire will never come to fruition, a senior councillor says.

Flint Coleshill councillor Alex Aldridge, who has backed the idea since it was first suggested in the early 1990s, said Flintshire must now face facts and look at other road improvement opportunities.

At a town council meeting on Monday, he called for a new “grade separated” system to be built near Castle Park Industrial Estate.

If the scheme went ahead, it would see industrial park traffic diverted over a new flyover which would also give the council access to a patch of unused land.

Cllr Aldridge said: “The issue is road safety and improving quality of life for residents living near Castle Park.

“The only access to the industrial estate at the moment is via the Swan Bridge, which is very old and it would be a disaster if something were to happen to it.

“A grade separated system would also give the council access to a piece of land that we currently can’t get at, which would bring great benefits to the area and stop the land going to waste.

"Although I have supported the idea of a coastal bypass, the truth is we will never see one in Flint.

“Flintshire Council should apply to the Welsh Assembly Government for funding for the project. We have not yet seen any of the money that was set aside for the A494 project, even though major works are being done in South Wales.”

The town council supported the proposal and agreed to put it forward to Flintshire Council chiefs.

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