MIRACLE twins from Flintshire described as ‘two-in-a-million’ by their mother will start nursery this month, three years after their remarkable birth.

Alexander and Daniel Payton-Jones, now both aged three, were born five weeks premature by caesarean section and mum Helen developed an infection which nearly cost her her life.

Helen and husband Tim had been trying for a baby since they married 15 years ago and had feared they would never be able to conceive due to fertility problems.

The Leader followed their story when they were tiny babies with uncertain futures, but now they are looking ahead to making new friends at Drury nursery.

“It’s mixed feelings,” said Helen, 35, of Central Drive, Shotton. “They’re growing up and they’re not my little babies anymore but it’s good that they’re starting nursery.

“They’ve already been going to a day nursery for a few days a week but this is big school now. We have driven past in the car and they say, ‘look mummy, it’s big school’. They know something is happening.

“They’re both very cheeky but they have individual characters too.

“My mum says Alex is a tinker and Daniel is the thinker.

“Alex has got curly hair and is the older of the twins whereas Daniel is a bit more quiet. They love Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder.

“They know they’re special, they know that they weren’t born in the same way as everyone else.”

For now, the twins spend their time between their parents' and grandparents' homes while Helen is treated for lupus.

Helen believes the autoimmune disease, where the body attacks its own cells, was caused by the infection she caught at the twins’ birth.

She said: “I’m on medication, lots of tablets every day.

“The boys have to live part time with my mum and dad in Hawarden because I spend so much time in hospital these days.”

She added: “I also lost my job because I can’t work. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever be able to work again.”