ARCTIC weather condition have taken a grip resulting in a surge of medical admissions to Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

And with forecasters predicting more freezing temperatures and snow on the way before the end of the week, people are being urged to take extra measures to stay warm and safe.

The Met Office has again urged motorists to take extra care when travelling in the icy conditions.

A spokesman for Wrexham Maelor said: “Over the past two or three days, we have seen an increase in the number of medical admissions.

“These have been patients with chest or heart conditions, which are made worse by the very cold weather.

“This is putting some pressure on beds and we are having to do some careful juggling to get everyone in.”

He added: “Despite this, we are still going ahead with all our planned operations.”

To add to the complications, the hospital’s Erddig ward remains closed due to an outbreak of Norovirus, the winter vomiting bug.

The weather forecast for the Wrexham and Llangollen area shows temperatures staying below freezing for the rest of the week, with further snowfall and sleet.

Wrexham FC have not played a match for three weeks because of the weather but they are hoping to take on AFC Wimbledon in London tonight.

Numerous local football matches have also been postponed because pitches are not fit for play.

Wrexham Council officers have received many complaints about gritting issues in relation to both roads and paths, but the hospital spokesman said admissions caused by fractures had not increased.

Some readers have contacted the Leader to express their annoyance that paths have not been gritted.

One of them, Enza Eaton, said: “I have sent the following message to Wrexham Council as I just cannot believe the state of the streets in Wrexham.

“I have been to Eagles Meadow in Wrexham, I parked my car in the old Beast Market and cannot believe the pathways to cross the road to Debenhams and outside of Debenhams is being left in such a dangerous state.

“Eagles Meadow is supposedly meant to be a new big attraction in Wrexham.

"Well I hope no one goes there while there is cold weather. The streets are really dangerous.

“Our taxes for Wrexham are high enough without having to pay out thousands for injuries to people who slip on the ground here.

“For goodness sake, get yourselves down there and sort it out.”

A Wrexham Council spokesman said: “We do not grit pavements. We do grit certain strategic areas but on the whole there is no general policy.”

To avoid medical problems, the Met Office has warned people to take care when shovelling snow.

A spokesman said: “Cold air makes it harder to work and breathe, which adds some extra strain on the body and can be the cause of heart attacks in the vulnerable.”

The Met Office has also issued advice about driving on the ice and urges road users to slow down, to use the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin and to manoeuvre gently and avoid harsh braking and acceleration.