A YOUNG Flintshire mum with fears over her son's health is pleading with council bosses to sort out damp at her home.

Catherine Rogers, 33, has been living with damp for seven months at her home on Broncoed Park, Mold.

She said her son Zac, aged five, who is living with a serious kidney condition, could be suffer more illness by the increasing damage to the property.

“We moved into this house two years ago but over the last six to seven months we have been affected by damp,” said Catherine.

“It is in every room of our house, even the children’s rooms. The walls are soaking wet and it has wrecked the wood flooring in our lounge. It is a lovely house and I have spent so much money painting and repainting the place.

“Me and my husband have to go out every week and buy something new to wear because we don’t have a wardrobe and our clothes get really smelly.

"I had to move some presents from under my Christmas tree because the damp was coming down the walls and wetting the presents.

“It makes it look unsightly.”

Catherine, who is also mum to Yasmin, 12, Melissa, 10 and Jake, 6, fears Zac could be made weaker by the damp.

“Zac’s got a condition where the tube from his kidney to his bladder has got a kink in it,” said Catherine, “which means he is prone to infections.

“He was on antibiotics to stop the infections but he became immune to them and had to stop taking them. He still goes for regular check-ups.

“When I was 20 weeks pregnant with him, they did a scan and I knew then that something was wrong.”

Catherine said she had complained to the council many times.

She said: “I spoke to an inspector on the phone yesterday and told him that I can’t keep going out and buying paint. I told them I had a sick child and asked for some compensation.

"They gave me vouchers for the paint but told me I would have to claim on my insurance for the wood flooring.

“The thing is I don’t have insurance because I can’t afford it.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: "We are aware of Mrs Rogers’ concerns and a damp course survey has recently been undertaken which indicated that some remedial works are required.

"This work has been scheduled to be done as soon as possible early in the new year.