A village will have its say on a vital traffic calming scheme after numerous complaints from residents about existing measures.

Bagillt residents will vote on Saturday on new proposals which will see the conversion of the current speed humps in the village into ‘speed tables’.

Speed tables are a larger raised section of the road than speed bumps, with a small ramp on ascending and descending onto the road.

While drivers may veer around the speed humps, speed tables make it more difficult and uncomfortable for the passenger, and more damaging to the vehicle, to travel over at speed.

It is estimated vehicles cannot travel more than 20mph between a series of speed tables, which would reduce the current average speed in Bagillt.

The consultation meeting follows a number of complaints from residents with regards to the traffic calming features along Bagillt High Street.

Bagillt Community Council and Flintshire Council officials met with Welsh Government last month to discuss renewing the existing schemes which were introduced in 2015.

The speed humps were installed over two years ago and attracted hostility from residents who believed they would “put people off coming to the village.”

But Flintshire Council decided to go ahead with the traffic calming works which included speed humps at nine locations, a singular speed cushion near the war memorial and two full width “raised tables”  at a cost of £52,000, funded by a Welsh Government road safety grant.

Additional funding to modify the current traffic calming features was discussed at last month’s meeting.

According to Bagillt Council, the Welsh Government has confirmed they would consider the request should there be available funding which they referred to as “slippage funding” at the end of the year.

Cllr Mike Reece said: “Residents are welcome to come down and have their
say on this very important vote.

“Residents have been complaining for the last few years and now they have the chance to have their say.”

The consultation event, from 9am to 7pm at Bagillt Library, is an opportunity for residents to see detailed
plans of the propsal and comment on any additions to the traffic calming scheme in the village.

Ballot papers will be issued where residents can vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ replacing speed humps with speed tables.