A councillor’s vision to boost tourism in the region is being turned into reality.

Flint Castle has received some much-needed attention in the form of a new spiral staircase which for the first time links the basement to the upper level of the viewing tower.

Flint Town Mayor, Cllr Vicky Perfect is thrilled at this new and exciting opportunity to “study” the stone work all the way up the building, and witness the breathtaking views of The Dee and Cheshire from the new position on high.

Cllr Perfect said: “This is a huge boost for tourism, after Ken Skates AM’s vision from taking Flint Castle from the 32nd favourite place to visit in Wales, to at least the top 10.

“I admire the people who have built this. It’s a modern-day version of masonic craftsmanship. People might scoff and assume you can’t rebuild new things the same as the castle, but this is an example of modern talent, and the construction workers deserve a big pat on the back for their work.”

Cllr Perfect took up the opportunity as Key Keeper of the Castle to observe the work before the official opening in two weeks’ time, the date of which is to be confirmed after the workers have finished repointing the stonework.

The work has revealed various floor levels that would have previously gone unnoticed without the view from the staircase.

The new viewing opportunities are designed to attract more tourists and historians to the coastal fort in the aftermath of the now-abandoned Iron Crown sculpture.

Cllr Perfect said visitors can now imagine looking out “along the marshes to Deva to see if Henry Bolingbroke has set out to take Richard II captive from the Donjon Tower at Flint Castle”.