Becoming the first person to be baptised at a chapel for almost a generation is “crazy” according to the man being blessed.

When Tim Davies is baptised on Sunday morning, it will be the first service of its kind at Bethel Baptist Chapel in Holywell for 16 years.

The former weightlifting champion, 48, said he was looking forward to taking the next step in his spiritual life and was wowed by the work done by the Rev David Campbell in revamping the chapel’s fortunes.

Tim, 48, said: “I come from Manchester originally and I’ve lived in Flintshire for 30 years.

“Once I retired from weightlifting I was looking to find somewhere to settle down, find peace and tranquillity.

“I saw David preaching in Carmel once and I really liked how he approached it, rather than in an old fashioned way.

“I loved it in the chapel at Bethel, it’s got a real retro feel.

“It just felt right and it was somewhere I’ve always wanted to be.

“We’re a small community there and we’re growing.

“I’ve been going for two years and it was time to commit myself.”

The last person to be baptised at Bethel, Paula Williams, will also be in attendance and is a regular church-goer, having returned from Winchester to be baptised at her family’s church.

Her baptism in 2001 was also preceded by something of a drought, with no similar service held at Bethel for 20 years previous to Paula’s, who was originally from Flint.

Such was the significance of that service, the late Rev James Thompson came out of retirement to perform it.

Tim, a social worker, who will be joined by wife Gaynor and children Toby, 22, and Fern, 21 on Sunday, said it was a natural progression to be baptised and the service was “something I wanted to do.”

On the prospect of being the first person baptised at the chapel in a generation, the former champion weightlifter said: “It’s crazy isn’t it? It’s mad.

“It’s refreshing and really enlightening.

“Over the last two years, Dave has really turned the place round into this really special, beautiful place.”