The mayoral chair for Holywell Town Council has been unveiled. 

The chair was presented to mayor Joe Johnson at a council meeting held in the Council Chamber in Holywell by Gordon Barnabas and Allen Hughes of Carmel and Holywell Woodcraft Association.

Colin Pierce, the recently retired clerk to the council, instigated the idea of the mayoral chair a year ago and was also present at the unveiling.

As part of the production process, several design options were considered before the Association and council settled on the final version.

Having confirmed the design, it was then decided to use oak purchased in Wales in the production process.

The chair was constructed by Gordon Barnabas and Allen Hughes who were both assisted by other members of Carmel and Holywell Wood Craft Association.

The leather upholstery was provided by David  Jones of Prestatyn who is from Holywell.

The chair has an illustration of a dragon and the town council crest on the backrest.

The former Holywell Urban District Council did possess a mayoral chair which was used for many years, but it was then inherited by Delyn Borough Council.

But during the course of office moves from the town hall to other locations – the original chair was misplaced and it has never been found.

Mayor Joe Johnson thanked the Association for their hard work in delivering such a fantastic addition to the council chamber, which will become part of the history of the council for many generations to come.

Former town clerk Mr Pierce remarked that this had been an important project that the Association has worked tirelessly to deliver to a very high standard, and will be a worthwhile addition to the council chamber following the recent refurbishment works completed last year.