Community leaders have warned “someone is going to get seriously hurt” without measures to curb speeding in their town.

Members of Shotton Town Council fear “it is only a matter of time” before an accident and called for speed calming measures to be installed.

Cllr Nigel Brown told councillors during their July meeting that residents were plagued by dangerous motorists in Aston Road, Chevrons Road and Clwyd Street. Cllr Mike Evans said he had noted similar behaviour in Strickland Street, claiming the bend was “a death trap” and motorists used it as a “rat run to avoid speed humps” along Shotton Lane.

He added: “Someone’s going to get seriously hurt.”

Town council chairman Cllr Elwyn Jones put forward a possible solution to motorists looking to take diversions.

He said: “They could cul-de-sac the streets.

“They don’t need to be racing through these streets, there only needs to be access for residents.”

Cllr Gillian Brockley added: “It’s only a matter of time before someone is knocked down on Green Lane.”

Cllr Ron Davies said when it came to traffic calming measures, Shotton “seems to be getting the wrong end of the stick” and cited endeavours in neighbouring Connah’s Quay that had successfully reduced the risk of speeding motorists.

He added that during election campaigning, it had been established that a zebra crossing was also needed near Melrose Avenue for walking to St Ethelwold’s Primary School and the nearby bus stop.

He said: “It’s not going to cost a fortune but it’ll save people’s lives.”

Cllr Gary Cooper, town council vice-chairman, said he was “very concerned” and said he would like to see some form of crossing on Shotton Lane for children going to school, adding: “I’ve seen some near misses there.”