AN 18-YEAR-OLD sustained a double fracture of the jaw when he was kicked to the face in a nightclub. Mold Crown Court heard how the victim needed surgery and titanium plates had to be used to fix the injury. Adam Hughes, of Silverdale Avenue in Buckley, admitted a wounding charge after he was said to have delivered a solid, football-like kick.Hughes, 20, also admitted a common assault charge on a woman who went to the victim’s aid by spitting at her. The defendant received a two-year sentence in a young offenders institute which was suspended.Hughes was ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to his victim and told to carry out 140 hours of unpaid work in the community.He was also banned from all pubs and clubs for 12 months. His co-defendant, a 17-year-old from the Buckley area, admitted affray and he was placed on a 12 month youth rehabilitation order with supervision. He must carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. The judge, Miss Recorder Elwen Evans QC, told Hughes that his offence involved the repeated kicking on four occasions to the victim’s face. While the CCTV did not show what happened clearly, ‘one certainly sees sufficient to know what a sickening incident it was’.He caused ‘serious and unpleasant injuries’ from which he was still suffering the ill-effects.After the incident he had continued his aggressive behaviour towards the victim at a nearby fast food establishment. “I am told that you are thinking of giving up alcohol. It is a matter for you, but it is something that is getting you into serious trouble,” she said. It was an aggravating feature that he had used the repeated use of the foot and if he committed a further offence he could find himself in custody.The judge told the youth that he was being given a chance. He was instrumental in starting the incident and then had no control over how it ended up, she said. Prosecuting barrister Simon Mintz told how the incident had been captured on CCTV at The Tivoli in Buckley but it was so dark that it was of little assistance. Victim Aled Parry, 18, was celebrating a birthday at the club and he found himself by three young men on the dancefloor behaving aggressively towards him.They pushed and shoved him and he pushed them back. At that stage he felt a blow to the head and as he fell he grabbed the younger defendant and pulled him down with him. They grappled on the floor.When the complainant started to get the better of him, Hughes approached and used a solid ‘football-like kick’ and delivered four kicks in all. The prosecutor said that a woman intervened but Hughes pushed her and spat at her. For some reason, Mr Mintz explained, it was the victim who was ejected and while he was being cleaned up at a local kebab shop, Hughes was still belligerent and aggressive towards him and ripped his shirt despite the best efforts of staff. However the boy was said to be apologetic. The victim was transferred from Chester to Aintree Hospital where he underwent surgery for displaced fractures of the right and left jaw which were fixed with titanium plates. A wisdom tooth had to be removed and he had continuing difficulties with his biting. Nicholas Williams, for Hughes, said his client came from a decent family and his mother was a police officer. He had no previous convictions.He had been using alcohol as a coping mechanism after the breakdown of a long term relationship. There was an exceptional testimonial from his employers which painted a very different picture to the one who had used his feet to cause ‘that horrible injury’.Katy Appleton, for the boy, said he had never been in any trouble before and reports showed a different side to him. He had a positive lifestyle and was attending college and working full-time. An order was made under The Children and Young Persons’ Act that her client should not be publicly identified because of his age.