A high school yesterday was home to ghouls, witches and an assortment of animals during a fun run with a twist.

Castell Alun High School hosted its annual fun run where hundreds of lower school pupils decided to dress for the occasion.

The event is just one of the many colourful high points of a term of fundraising and ll money is disbursed via the school council, a body which represents children of all ages at the Hope school.

Janice Jones, Year 7 student development manager, said: “Our students come up with ideas like these to allow us to add to school funds or support the vital work of local charities.

“Students have a great time determining their outfits for this kind of event.”

Each year group at Castell Alun adopts a charity and run specific fundraising events in their name.

Sixth formers will hold their annual fancy dress fun run next year, running in costumes such as cowboys and Indians, sports stars and other famous people.

In previous years the school has fundraised for itself and bought a new sound system for sixth form, outdoor ‘picnic’ style seating for the main school, drinks machines, digital equipment and funds have als been used to subsidize school trips and musical productions.