Plans for a privately run secure mental health unit have been unveiled.

Ahead of being lodged with Wrexham Council, ASC Healthcare has detailed its plans for the unit off Mold Road in Gwersyllt, which would provide a home for up to 40 residents.

The facility for adults, proposed to be located on a disused industrial site, would include four independent units each comprising 10 en-suite bedrooms, four communal lounges, an assisted bathroom and private gardens for the ground floor bedrooms.

The plans also include a further 14-bed facility with individual private residents, comprised of two seven-bed units, which would form part of an assessment treatment unit for adults who have experienced a crisis or have complex needs.

There would also be a cafe and computer area, sports hall, gym and activity rooms with dedicated external gardens including a greenhouse and horticultural space.

As well as the mental health unit, the application also includes an outline plan for a housing development on the site, although there is no substantial detail as to the scale of the housing as yet.

The site is at the end of a short and relatively narrow road off Mold Road, with largely commercial units sharing the access.

Ysgol Bryn Alyn and Gwyn Evans Leisure Centre occupy the land to the west, separated by a public footpath.

East of the proposed site is bounded by the social club and small dwelling to the rear and the main body of the site is bounded by the long back garden of a bungalow, which extends along the entire length of the boundary.

The design statement reads: “The short cul-de-sac nature of the site access point, with a relatively small collection of largely commercial buildings, combined with the visually screening afforded by the banked and landscaped boundaries, as well as the railway cutting, create a very secluded site.

“The site is now disused, and in a poor condition, in addition to which the previous uses of the land have introduced some level of contamination, which will be addressed with a comprehensive remediation package, as part of the new development.

“The intention is to build the Low Secure Unit first, along with any associated highways improvements needed to deliver the development, and to follow on with the housing development at a later date.

“The unit is intended to meet a need identified by the Commissioners for Wales, and this site is considered to be in a good location, with good access links to the town, and other routes.

“The Low Secure Unit layout is designed to provide an uplifting environment which is light and airy with a high standard of accommodation, conducive to recovery.

“Ground floor resident accommodation benefit from individual fenced amenity gardens.

“All ground floor resident day space areas open out onto dedicated fenced gardens.

“Security is to meet the national standards for low secure hospitals, which involves all resident areas being protected by a 3m high security fence, including separating fences between adjacent garden areas.

“A secure airlock system for access into the hospital ensures residents are not able to leave the facility unless formally discharged, or taken out in accordance with an approved process.”

The application adds there would be 100 parking spaces for staff and visitors, including five disabled spaces.