A new 22-home estate is set to go ahead despite the reservations of community leaders.

The planned development at land on the north side of Station Avenue in Chirk was recommended to be approved by members at yesterday’s meeting of Wrexham Council’s planning committee.

Approval hinges on whether the developers bring a management company on board for the future maintenance of all communal areas including the driveways, parking areas, hard and soft landscaped areas and planted features.

In its formal response to the application, Chirk Town Council deemed it irresponsible given the proximity to industrial sources of noise, dust and chemical smell nuisance/pollution.

Members added: “It is not a good site with housing intruding into an industrial area. The avenue of trees along Station Avenue is a visual amenity and deserves the full protection of the Conservation Area status that they reside in.

”This is a heritage street scene and tourist feature. Removal of any of the trees is seen to be wholly against the reasons why the Conservation Area status was put in place.

”The proposal to add another entrance/exit onto Station Avenue the view is that the road is already oversubscribed – particularly in high season when the caravan park is on changeover day, Chirk Castle attendance peaking plus the traffic serving nearby industrial/commercial sites.”

Concerns raised by residents ranged from increased traffic, poor visibility at access points, impact on trees and changes to the character of the area.

It was also said that the estate would be near to Mondelez and Kronospan and residents of the proposed development could be affected by noise and smell.

But the report that was due to go before the council found the application would provide “much-needed” housing in a sustainable location with the opportunity to regenerate the area.

And it was said it would not harm the appearance of the townscape or character of the conservation area.

The report concludes: “I have considered the impact of the development upon the residential amenities of the occupiers of the existing adjacent properties and concluded that there will be no significant detrimental impact, and I recommend accordingly.”

Committee members voted whether to approve the proposals at the committee meeting held in the Guildhall on Monday (yesterday)