ROUNDABOUTS and road verges in Wrexham are being turned into colourful pictorial meadows.

The work is part of a landscape scale conservation project being delivered by the North Wales Wildlife Trust.

This wildflower road verge project is part of a larger Living Landscape scheme focussed on the Wrexham Industrial Estate and surrounding rural area, which aims to improve land management practices for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Road verges and roundabouts are important stepping stones for wildlife moving through our towns and cities, and a more sympathetic approach to their management can help conserve pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies.

Research has shown that honeybees declined by 23 per cent between 1985 and 2005, and the value of pollination as a contribution to the UK crop market in 2007 was £430 million.

Urban areas have an important role to play in reversing this decline, and by creating flower rich meadows on roundabouts and road verges, people can enjoy Wrexham’s wildlife at close quarters

Jonathan Hulson, Living Landscape officer, North Wales Wildlife Trust, said: “Nature on the doorstep is good for people, and it is also very good for business.

“There is plenty of evidence to show that access to nature brings lasting health benefits, and a break of as little as three or four minutes in natural green space is enough to reduce stress and make people feel calmer.

“This wildflower roundabout next to Wrexham Maelor hospital is an uplifting spectacle for people travelling to and from the hospital, and through active management will encourage more bees and butterflies in years to come.”

Lesley Griffiths, cabinet secretary for environment and rural affairs, said: “The North Wales Wildlife Trust’s work to transform roundabouts and road verges in Wrexham is a great example of how industry and nature can co-exist and thrive side-by-side.

“Projects such as this are protecting biodiversity and boosting ecosystems, while also improving the look and feel of communities.”

“I’ve encouraged Wrexham Industrial Estate to apply to be the first Bee Friendly Industrial Estate in Wales and I’d love to see others follow in their lead.”

North Wales Wildlife Trust can advise on the creation of wildflower meadows and conservation land management, and are looking for opportunities to create new wildflower areas elsewhere in Wrexham. Contact WIEProject@