Calls have been made for First Minister Carwyn Jones to explain why he rubber stamped a decision to allow 365 homes to be built in Llay.

Cllr Dennis Owen, of the Gresford Road Action Group, has written to Mr Jones and says the new development will “destroy” the village.

But a Welsh Government spokesman said Mr Jones had explained the reasons for his decision at length in a letter sent out to interested parties.

Plans for the 365-home development on land off Gresford Road in Llay were thrown out by members of Wrexham Council’s planning committee last year.

But the developers appealed the decision and,following a Planning Inspectorate hearing, the committee’s decision was overturned and the development was given the green light.

Cllr Owen said: “The democratic rights of Llay residents have been obliterated.

“Welsh culture and heritage should be endorsed and preserved, that includes proud Welsh mining villages in North Wales such as Llay.

“Controlled housing development is the way forward. Allow a steady growth within village boundaries, allow integration of new residents over a period of time into the village.

“Allow the infrastructure of the village to adapt to an increase in the population without putting an impossible strain on resources.

“To allow 365 homes, to destroy the boundaries of the village and to allow continued intense development, is wrong.”

Mr Jones said: “I agree the need to address the lack of housing supply is a material consideration which attracts considerable weight when the scheme is assessed against local and national policies.

“The proposed development would comprise sustainable development being located in close proximity to the existing services, facilities, employment opportunities and public transport options in Llay.

“It would not result in any significant harm to the character of the landscape or visual amenity of the area.

“I’m also content the scheme is not likely to affect the favourable conservation status of protected species.

“I’m satisfied the inspector has considered the impact of the proposal in local economic, social and environmental infrastructure and no unacceptable impacts have been identified which would justify withholding planning permission.

“The proposed scheme will increase housing land supply in Wrexham in a location identified as suitable as part of the LDP candidate site process.

“I’m confident the proposal would not undermine the principles of sustainable development or the creation of cohesive communities.”