Wrexham residents are gearing up for an annual pilgrimage.

The Rev Richard Sharples, of Wrexham Methodist Church, is taking the lead on a pilgrimage that will begin in Staffordshire and head west towards Wrexham – taking in Nantwich, Whitchurch and Bangor-on-Dee. 

He said: “Over recent years local Christians have made several pilgrimages, one round the boundaries of the borough of Wrexham and another all the way to Bardsey Island.

“Today more people are going on pilgrimages than at any time in history. Walking ancient pilgrim paths is made more possible with modern transport, but what is most important for the pilgrim is the journey, walking together and meeting people on the way.”

This year’s pilgrimage starts on Wednesday, June 7, on a pilgrim way in Staffordshire and Cheshire dedicated to two ancient seventh century saints – St Werburgh and St Chad.

Then the pilgrims head west and make towards Wrexham, arriving on Saturday, June 10, conducting prayers at HMP Berwyn.

The pilgrimage will be completed in Caia Park, where they will receive hospitality at St Mark’s Church. 

They then hold two short outdoor celebrations.

After leaving St Mark’s shortly after 2.30pm all are invited to walk to Kingsley Circle for the first celebration, before walking down Prince Charles Road to the Partnership building and St Anne’s Church for a final
short celebration of worship at about 3pm.

The Rev Jonathan Smith, vicar of St Mark’s, Caia Park, said: “We are thrilled the pilgrims are making for Caia Park.”

He said he hoped as many people as possible would attend the event.