A Flintshire football team are distraught after thieves targeted their club and stole the roof.

Players, members and volunteers at Halkyn United Football Club are appealing for witnesses to an “unbelievable” bout of vandalism to their club house which sits near Bryn Eithin, Pentre Halkyn.

The squad set out on Saturday morning with high hopes of a win against Mold juniors at their second pitch, which was purchased almost two years ago due to the growing number of players on the juniors and veterans team.

Video and pictures by Rick Matthews

But members said they were shocked and disappointed to walk in to the dressing room before the match only to see a pile of rubble and water damage inside the building.

Don Barker, groundsman to the club, said: “The damage is unbelievable, there’s lots of it.

”The sheet panels have been taken off the roof, the rain has poured in, and the entire ceiling has been washed in. There’s plaster boards everywhere and the whole place is soaked.

“It was sickening to see. Things have been going well for a few years, and the sight of it has been bothering me all weekend.

“There is insulation and damage everywhere.

“A couple of panels have been gone for a long time, but this recent burglary must have happened sometime last week.

“We had been at the ground during the previous Saturday’s match and it was normal.

“The players managed to complete the match, but they had nowhere to put their belongings during the game and it all got wet.

“Someone must know who is punching the roof in. We want to raise awareness and appeal to everyone for information and to make whoever it is feel guilty.

“I am frightened someone else will take more panels soon. The veterans installed the new roof not long ago, with a donation, and now for someone to steal it. It’s finding the money to repair it.”

Mr Barker, who has been an active member of the club for over 40 years, now fears for the future of Pentre Halkyn FC if the vandalism continues.

He said: “Unless we raise money through fundraising, and get a few hundred pounds, we’ll have to stop using the grounds. We’ll have to abandon it all.”

The blow is even harsher for current volunteers and members of Pentre Halkyn FC as it has only been under new ownership for just over a year.

Mr Barker said that anyone with information can contact the club on 01352 780576.

He added: “With publicity, we hope people might see it around – all of a sudden, someone will have new brown sheets on their shed or garage roof.”