Safety fears have been sparked after parking at Wrexham Maelor Hospital was dubbed “out of control”.

Martin Robinson, of Shotton, attended the hospital yesterday for a routine appointment with his partner.

But he was shocked to see dozens of cars parked illegally and reported seeing elderly people and mums with babies forced to walk in the road because paths were blocked.

Mr Robinson has submitted a complaint to Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and called for the situation to be resolved before someone is hurt.

Video and pictures by Geoff Abbott

He said: “There were dozens of cars illegally parked. I have emailed the complaints team because something needs to be done. I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were cars parked on the grass, on paths and on double yellow lines.

“You don’t see this sort of thing when you go to any other hospital. If this is not resolved someone will get hurt. It is disgraceful.

“I visited Wrexham Mealor Hospital with my partner as she had a hospital appointment to remove some stitches in her finger.

“When I finally found a car space to park I was shocked by the amount of cars illegally parked.

“These were either parked fully on the path or across double yellow lines or even on the grass.

“I personally have a very bad knee and I'm waiting for surgery to hopefully fix it.

“I got out of my partner’s car with my crutches and we found ourselves walking on the road with traffic coming at us.

“If this was a public highway I’m sure all the vehicles which were illegally parked would have either been clamped, ticketed or even moved.”

A spokesman for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board said: “We recognise parking is a challenge on the Maelor site and to try to ease parking pressures.

“We have additional staff who patrol the site on a daily basis to assist motorists and keep traffic flowing.

“People attending the Maelor can also visit the parking office on the main car park where staff have access to CCTV of the all parking areas and they can search for suitable, safe parking spaces.

“We have already met with contractors and the fire safety officer and we are currently looking at a range of options that will improve pedestrian safety on the site and prevent problem parking.”