A VINTAGE primary school building has been saved from demolition after being bought by an internet marketing business.

After going up for sale following its closure in 2016, the former Llanfynydd Primary School will now become an enterprise centre following its purchase by businessman John Langley.

Mr Langley, managing director of Click Convert, said the 19th century building will “continue to play a part in the community” in its new guise as a home for office space for start-up businesses.

The company will move into the former school building in March.

He said: “One of the aims of this project is to allow this historic building to continue playing a part in the

“We want to bring new opportunities to a rural area, where businesses can set up practice locally instead of being forced to set up workspace in Wrexham or Chester.

“Enough is enough, we can’t keep knocking these Victorian buildings down.

“We have to save our heritage.”

The school was the subject of an emotional fight by parents, pupils and staff to keep the historic location open, but councillors voted in favour of its closure in April.

On its closure, the school had just 47 pupils with some community leaders warning that it had been the “lifeblood of the village” and its shutting would lead to “dire consequences”.

The school site went up for sale for £195,000 freehold with a rateable value of £8,000.

Click Convert has two main offices, with the head office currently based on the Bromfield Industrial Estate in Mold and the international office based in Santa Rosa, California.

The new Llanfynydd Enterprise Centre will provide office spaces for community start-up businesses, in addition to accommodating Click Convert’s growth.

The outside of the building and gardens will remain largely untouched with just a few modern embellishments, but the inside will be renovated in its entirety.

The project is already under way, with renovations expected to take approximately four months to complete.