A PUB’S ghostly goings-on are to be laid bare by a student filming a spooky documentrary for her university course.

Drinkers and guests at the Trevor Arms in Marford say they have seen apparitions believed to be linked to the hostelry’s times as a 19th-century coaching inn.

The Grade-II listed inn’s ghostly occurrences appear to be the stuff of legend for locals, with tales of mystery goings-on and moving furniture.

The Trevor Arms’ own website says the ghosts of a cavalier killed nearby during the Civil War and the wife of a Trevalyn Hall estate steward, who was thrown down the stairs after an adulterous affair, are regular visitors.

Its history has inspired bar worker Megan Davies to call in the ghostbusters for a filming session as part of her studies at Glyndwr University.

The student, 20, will be filming through the night of January 8 with members of the North Wales Paranormal Group.

They use a range of equipment to detect sounds as well as changes in magnetic fields triggered by spiritual presences.

Megan, who is in the first year of her TV production and technology course, says staff and guests have regularly spotted ghostly figures lurking around the bar and talk about a ‘spiritual vortex’ in guest room 30.

“I do believe in this as I have seen things and sensed things. If you are open with your mind, then they will be open too,” declared Megan.

“I’ve seen a man standing in dark corners off the bar area a few times and there is a vortex in room 30.

“Guests have reported things happening there. A regular guest said he had a man wake him up and when he told him to go, he said “make me”.

“I’ve asked the paranormal team to come in with all their equipment.

“I will film it and interview them and probably members of staff who have reported seeing things for the documentary.”

Megan’s mother Bev Davies, who also works at the village pub, revealed: “We are always telling stories at the Trevor. I’ve worked there for two years and I have seen a small child and my friend has seen an old man vanish.

“There are 19 rooms and we have guests telling us all sorts of things going on.”

Bev added: “In the past someone apparently had their throat cut outside room 36 and crawled into room 30 to die – we’ve had a guest who reported goings on in that room. A cleaner said no matter how many times she put a chair up against the door, it was pushed aside.

“We have booked the rooms out for the investigation and then we plan to come down to the bar afterwards to use the ouija board.”

The Wrexham-based North Wales Paranormal Group carries out investigations in private properties on invitation. But its members have also been called into pubs, nightclubs, lighthouses and even aircraft museums; one of its most recent probes was at the notoriously spooky Llay Miner’s Welfare.

Member Mike Griffiths said: “We probably have a 90 per cent clearance rate when we go into a lot of private houses where people are having problems – we go in and get rid of what is there.”