A man who threatened to jump off a railway bridge caused delays of more than four hours.

And Richard Dolman, 26, of Prince of Wales Avenue, Flint, later admitted to police he had not intended to harm himself but just wanted to get his girlfriend’s attention after they had argued.

A court heard officers on patrol in Deeside received reports on August 22 of a person sitting on a railway bridge at Chester Street in Flint.

When they arrived, they saw Dolman on the edge of the bridge with his feet dangling over.

A family member had their arms around his waist to stop him from jumping.

A request was made for all trains to be stopped for Dolman’s safety and a total of 264 minutes of delays were caused as a result.

Officers talked with Dolman and it was clear he had been drinking.

When it became apparent his girlfriend was not coming, Dolman came to safety.

Officers took him to his parents’ address but they argued and Dolman was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace.

Appearing at Wrexham Magistrates Court, Dolman admitted obstructing an engine using the railway.

Matthew Ellis, prosecuting, said Dolman had consumed six or seven bottles of lager after an argument with his girlfriend at their home.

He thought she would run back to him when she heard what he was threatening to do and had no intention of harming himself.

Dolman told officers it was just the alcohol talking and apologised for his behaviour.

Emma Simoes, defending, said Dolman’s memory of the incident was quite vague due to his alcohol consumption.

But she added he was ashamed and remorseful of the fact that he had caused so much disruption as a result of his behaviour.

Hilary Wiseman, chairman of magistrates, fined Dolman £85 and ordered him to pay £85 costs as well as a £30 victim surcharge.