Mad Friday revellers have received a festive but firm message from town police as they prepare for the busiest night of the year.

Insp Paul Wycherley urged drinkers to know their limits as police, council chiefs and others agencies work with licensees to keep the town centre safe on Friday, December 22 – known as ‘Mad Friday’.

“This year we are keen to support the ethos of drinking less alcohol but enjoying the evening more,” he said.

“We’re not trying to be killjoys, far from it. We simply want to push the message that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to persons coming to harm or being themselves found committing alcohol-fuelled violence.”

Insp Wycherley said officers will be out in significant numbers on the night with instructions to be highly-visible, friendly and approachable but to step in and deal robustly with any offending.

The night has traditionally been the busiest evening of the year, with many people finishing work earlier and going to the town centre in the afternoon – and many staying out later as more revellers head into town later into the evening.

Town police have worked with Wrexham Council, licensees through the Nightsafe partnership, third sector and voluntary organisations, the health board and the Street Pastors group to ensure so far as possible that the night is a success.

There has been an emergency treatment centre in the town centre for the last five years and the Hafan y Dre specialist centre, which is staffed by medical professionals, now offers help and support to people who are lost, injured or worse for wear through drink on key nights of the year.

Insp Wycherley said crime and anti-social behaviour on the night had significantly fallen since the work started, and those involved hope to emulate that success this year.

”Our message would be to come for a good time and we’ll be working to make that happen,” he added.

Richard Lee, the Welsh Ambulance Service’s Director of Operations, added: “As we approach the festive season we are asking people to use us wisely.

“We are not killjoys, but every year we see a number of 999 calls to attend alcohol related incidents at Christmas celebrations.

“We are providing additional resources in some areas, but we would ask you to help us by taking care of your friends and colleagues by making sure everybody gets home safely from your office party or night out.

“Make sure you know how you and your party are getting home and wear appropriate clothing for the cold and wet weather. We wish you all a very happy Christmas.”