A burglar was captured thanks to the “find my iPhone” app on his victim’s mobile phone.

Mold Crown Court was told that a Wrexham pensioner whose Jaguar car was stolen was able to find out where it was thanks to the app on his mobile, which had also been taken during a burglary at his home.

Victim Ian Sanderson, 74, found that his home in Old Farm Road in Rhostyllen had been burgled during the night of November 3.

His Jaguar S type was missing from the drive and his mobile phone and car keys had been taken from the kitchen.

He dialled 999 and when his family arrived they helped him to use the iPhone app which showed his phone was in Acton, Wrexham.

His son and daughter in law went to Acton where they saw the stolen Jaguar parked on a driveway.

Police arrived and arrested a woman at the property after she said that she had no idea how the vehicle came to be on her driveway.

The stolen phone was found in her home, said prosecutor David Mainstone.

Jonathan Edwards, 32, who was found hiding at the back gate, admitted to police that he was responsible and that it was nothing to do with her.

Edwards, of High Street in Caergwrle, admitted burglary and the theft of the Jaguar car which meant that he faced a statutory three year minimum prison sentence because of his previous convictions for house burglary.

He received a sentence of 876 days imprisonment after he was given 20 per cent credit for his guilty pleas.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said Edwards burgled the home of an elderly gentleman and stole property including the keys to the Jaguar car parked outside.

The burglary was serious, aggravated by his previous record for 87 previous offences which included house burglaries in 1999, 2003 and 2005.

CCTV footage put the defendant in the vicinity of the burgled house just before 1am.

Fortunately the owner was not disturbed and there was no confrontation.

Mr Mainstone said that the victim had got up at 4am and saw the kitchen light on and an internal door open which was unusual.

He thought his wife must have left the light on, turned it off and went back to bed.

But when he was putting the rubbish out after breakfast he realised his Jaguar car had disappeared.

The ignition keys and his mobile phone had been taken from the kitchen.

His family helped him use the “find my iPhone” app which showed that it was in Acton and the car was found there.

Judge Rowlands commented that the car must have ”stuck out like a sore thumb.”

Defending barrister Andrew Green said that his client made no excuses. He accepted full responsibility, he knew it had to be custody, and the only question was how long.

His client was a so-called “three strikes” burglar facing a statutory minimum sentence, but Mr Green asked that he be given credit for his guilty pleas.

There was no confrontation, no gratuitous damage and the car had been recovered.

Edwards was anxious that it should not be seen as an excuse but he had resorted to alcohol to offset deep feelings that he had after a girlfriend died a few years ago and he no longer had any contact with their daughter.

In custody he was doing various courses including a plastering course which it was hoped would help him remain crime free on his release, said Mr Green.

Following sentencing, DI Mark Hughes at Wrexham CID said: “I welcome today’s sentence and hope it sends a clear message to those thinking of breaking into people homes.

“Any burglary is a violation of all things we hold most dear. We fully realise the impact it has on victims lives and our commitment to dealing with these offences is clear. We will relentlessly pursue those who cause harm in our communities. Edwards is a prolific offender and his imprisonment will bring a huge degree of relief to many in the local community as well as his last victims. Wrexham is a safer place with him behind bars.”