A Flintshire mum thought her friend had sent her on a spa day – when in fact she was to receive a makeover on national televison.

Tracy Marsden, from Buckley, was thrilled when her friend Jane Evans, from Mold, told her she was donating the pamper day she had won in a competition to Mrs Marsden due to ‘work commitments’.

She set off on her journey to London with another buddy, Diane Williams, from Ffrith, who was also told she would be receiving the pamper package won by her friend.

Tracy, who works as a classroom support assistant at Mountain Lane Primary School, Buckley, said: “We were told by one of our best friends, Jane, that she had won a competition with imperial leather which included train tickets, food and a pamper day.

“So we travelled down to London by train. We stayed in a nice hotel, had nice food, enjoyed the spa and the mini-bar and we even had our own chauffeur driving us around London the next day.”

Tracy explained the taxi “kept stopping and starting” so the pair didn’t bat an eyelid when the car stopped at traffic lights.

It wasn’t until Mark Heyes, fashion presenter from ITV daytime show Lorraine, “jumped into the taxi” that they realised they were in for an unexpected early Christmas present.

They were pampered and appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s show.

Tracy said: “I was absolutely shocked, it was such a surprise. It was such a whirlwind and it all happened so fast.

“We were given champagne and were spoilt by the Lorraine team. It was a really lovely treat. Both Diane and I had a makeover and got to choose between a  number of outfits, which we got to keep and take home afterwards – one outfit was probably worth over £200 each.

“I had my haircut and although they took a chunk off it looks healthier and thicker.

“The make up was a treat as it was probably not something either of us would wear but it was good.”

Jane had decided to nominate her two deserving friends to partake on ITV’S Merry Markover, where unassuming members of the public are whisked off to a studio and are pampered, dressed and ‘spoilt’ for a day full of treats.

Tracy said her friend nominated the pair due to the “hard times” they had encountered in recent years.

After losing her son 12 years ago, Tracy said she suffered spells of depression in the months that followed.

She said that Diane had also lost her brother recently, and was preoccupied with other family situations meaning she “does everything for everyone but nothing for herself”.

Tracy said: “I felt honoured to have been nominated by Jane who is a fantastic friend. She is the glue that sticks our friendship together.

“As exhausting as it was, it was really lovely.

“It was emotional at times due to the reasons why we were nominated and listening to our family and friends speaking about why we were there, but it was a very fun day and I’m very grateful to Jane and everyone on Lorraine.”