A Flintshire resident is outraged at the “disgusting” rubbish piles – inclduding nappies, sofas and a fish tank – in the alleyway behind his house.

David Goodwin, from Connah’s Quay, said he has had to “put up with squalor” as waste is being continuously dumped on the public path behind his home on Dodds Drive.

He said: “The path is totally overgrown, and the rubbish which is dumped there is absolutely horrible. It’s disgusting seeing how people live.

“People just keep dumping things. When someone sees a certain place that looks a mess, others think they can throw their stuff there.

“They’re dumping all sorts, not just household waste, but sofas, beds, bin bags, and I even saw a fish tank.”

Mr Goodwin’s horror heightened after seeing rats on the edge of the alleyway only metres from his property. He said: “All sorts of bin bags have been dumped there, which is probably why the rats are there.

“I’ve definitely seen two dead ones too. It’s so hard to believe these days.”

Although one alleway Mr Goodwin and his neighbours use frequently is “generally clean,” the “disgusting” alleway in question seems to have been “totally ignored” by Flintshire Council and Streetscene.

He said: “It’s been like that for many months and a lot of my neighbours agree. Someone else complained too so I went to take a look myself and I could not believe it.

“It’s not directly on my property but it’s very close, only a few feet away. Maybe nobody knows who owns it so nobody knows what to do.

“I want people to know what we have to deal with in the area on a regular basis due to cuts in waste collection and general cleanliness of the area.”

A Flintshire Council spokesman said: “Officers have visited the alleyway between Dodd’s Drive and Primrose Street, Connah’s Quay and will arrange for the fly-tipping to be cleared.

“The fly tipping appears to be household waste materials. Letters will now be distributed to all properties that back onto the alleyway, advising of the waste collection services available.”