A town Christmas tree could be replaced by the end of the week.

The Christmas tree in Wepre Road, Connah’s Quay was removed on Sunday night after an incident of vandalism, damaging the original installation beyond repair.

A new tree is being donated to Connah’s Quay by Daleside Garden Centre in Mancot after Lynne Chick, from Radio Deeside, tweeted a plea for assistance.

Steven Goodrum, town clerk, told the Leader he hoped that a new tree could be installed by the end of the week.

Mr Goodrum said that electricians had been out to assess the sighting of the tree as a “main concern” and a new decoration being put in place is subject to weather conditions.

The town council used its Facebook page to slam “mindless vandals” for the damage on Sunday.

Cllr Ian Dunbar said those responsible were “idiots”.

He told the Leader: “We as a council have tried hard this year to put a festive front on in Connah’s Quay with lights on the lamp posts and a decorative tree in which many people expressed what a wonderful colourful sight it is to see.

“Then to find the mindless idiots have destroyed what was a joy to see the Christmas tree, this destruction just emphasises what a few individuals think is fun to do to spoil the decoration of Connah’s Quay.

“The town council and many residents are disgusted with these people who did this and hope the CCTV will identify the culprits and the police deal with them.”

The vandalised tree generated a lot of debate on the Leader’s Facebook page.

Chris Shields said: “Guessing someone’s on the naughty list for this...”

Hannah-Jayne Profit added: “Selfishness they need to leave things alone it was a nice tree.”

Gaynor Johnson said: “The little ones are going to be heartbroken when they see this.”

Nathan Sheady wrote: “No pride in the town. What do you expect?”

Wayne Jones added: “It’s such a pity that a small minority of scum human vermin can cause misery for the many decent people of Connah’s Quay.”