A nine-year-old pupil who has just taken up a musical instrument penned a heartfelt letter urging Wrexham Council not to scrap its school music service.

Milo Easedale took up the baritone horn earlier this year and has pleaded with executive board members not to go ahead with proposals to axe the service when deciding on the authority's budget for 2018-19.

Both Milo and his 12-year-old brother Ruben were introduced to learning an instrument through the music service at All Saints School in Gresford.

Their father Mark fears scrapping the scheme would prevent other children getting the same opportunities as his sons.

He said: “Both Milo and his brother were introduced to learning an instrument through the service at All Saints School in Gresford.

“Without it, we may never have known the talent they have.

“Ruben, 12, is currently studying for Grade 7 cornet and Milo has taken up baritone horn this year and is progressing very well.

“Hundreds of children like them would not get the opportunity to learn and to play instruments, an activity which is so enriching and so beneficial socially and educationally, without these dedicated and passionate music teachers.”

Wrexham Council’s proposal to end funding for music services across the county borough was one of many suggestions in its annual budget consultation.

It is thought it could save the local authority £300,000 as it aims to save about £13 million in the next two financial years.

In his letter to all members of the council’s executive board, Milo said: “Dear council, My name is Milo and I am aged nine and I play the baritone horn.

“My music teacher comes in to teach brass with me and a load of other people.

“I really don’t think you should stop doing music because in our school 150 people play an instrument and I am one of them.

“I have only been playing for four weeks and I am really enjoying it. If you stop music then thousands of people will not be able to play.

“Another reason why it is a bad idea is that all the music teachers will lose their jobs.

“My brother Ruben has been playing the cornet for four years and he has just started grade 7.

“Next Wednesday our school is having a musical workshop and every year the children love it and they get a chance to play music and make up songs, but if you end music then we can’t do them any more and who would play Christmas carols in the street?

“All together I think it is a bad idea.

“Yours sincerely,

Milo Easedale.”

Following the end of the consultation, a final budget will go before the Wrexham Council executive board members in January before being ratified by the full council.